Re-opening Update

Fellowship House is now open.

The normal summer lull with thin activity will take us through August then in September, things begin in earnest with all the usual classes and activities expected to be up and running.

A full programme of Tuesday afternoon talks has been arranged, starting on September 7th and continuing up until the end of the year. Full details here: ‘Weekly Talks’.

Also starting in early September is the first of three exhibitions in the Art Gallery (Eileen Whelan Room). This will feature material from the HGS Trust Archives and details will follow. After that, two further art exhibitions have already been arranged.

The traditional series of six consecutive autumn Sunday afternoon chamber concerts will again take place (11th year), starting on 24th October. A stellar programme with stellar musicians is in place and details will follow.

Covid protocol? We insist that any person over the age of 18 entering Fellowship House must be double jabbed and be without possible Covid symptoms.

It’s good to be back.