Good Moves

By February 8, 2021Uncategorized

Despite the current closure we are always preparing for better times.

Lorna Jones, the Committee member responsible for transport (when there is somewhere to transport people to ! ) will also take over the role of Welfare Co-ordinator. So if you know of anyone on the Suburb who needs help of any kind where Fellowship could help out, please get in touch with her on 0203-723-9299 . Ray Jones, her husband, has kindly agreed to become Premises Manager and will be keeping an eye on the general maintenance and upkeep of the building and grounds. Last but certainly not least,  Chris Page has taken over responsibility for  croquet and Fellowship’s croquet lawn. If any resident would like to take up or try out the game in this most beautiful of Suburb settings, please don’t hesitate to give him a call on 0208-455-2785.