Tea and Song

By January 12, 2017Activities

The  New Year was marked for Fellowship on January 10th by the traditional party for members. A short musical entertainment preceded a sumptuous afternoon tea in the packed main hall. The whole event as always was free of charge. Irene Colomb and her team of helpers are to be thanked for all their hard work every year making this possible. We were lucky enough to procure the services of Catherine Hopper, an accomplished opera singer. She was accompanied at the piano by Barry Millington, renowned music critic, expert on Wagner, pianist, organist – and Suburb resident. Their performance was sublime.

One Fellowship member wrote afterwards: “I came this afternoon expecting the usual splendidly organized Fellowship House party and found myself immersed in an experience which would have delighted and moved me in a concert hall. The half-hour recital made no gesture towards populism; the interpretation of the Samson and Delilah aria was as moving as any I have ever heard and the Kurt Weill was a salutary and ironic return to the real world. Thank you both for the sort of astonishment which makes life continually interesting!”