By December 7, 2016Facilities

The extension and refurbishment works, started in August 2014 and completed eight months later comprised the following:

  • new courtyard garden
  • new steps and ramp combined access
  • courtyard level raised to provide level access to building
  • new external lighting in courtyard and around building
  • building extended by 2m at the front providing larger hall, meeting room (The Eileen Whelan Room) and reception area
  • new zinc roofed loggia
  • steel support system inserted to rectify failing roof structure
  • asbestos tiling removed and new floors laid in kitchen, EW Room, corridor, store room and reception
  • old Art Gallery parquet flooring moved to hall
  • both kitchen doors moved, kitchen/reception wall moved outwards
  • new kitchen and equipment installed
  • new additional external doors installed each side of hall
  • new front doors
  • windows refurbished
  • new doors to hall and to EW Room, hall doors centralised
  • new window arrangement to EW Room utilising hall window
  • installation of safety glass in all large/low windows
  • new building insulation throughout
  • new electrical systems and wiring throughout (except lavatories)
  • new boiler, plumbing and radiators (boiler moved from loft to store room)
  • new security systems
  • modern audio visual system with overhead projector
  • new seating
  • new art display systems in EW Room and reception
  • new furnishing, blinds, curtains etc
  • new modular stage
  • rationalisation of store room
  • trolleys for movement and storage of stage, seating and tables

Before Refurbishment

The Works