Art Exhibitions

The Art Gallery, aka The Eileen Whelan Room, has three large hanging surfaces  with modern lighting and display systems. In exceptional circumstances two further large display surfaces in the Reception area can also be used.

Fellowship’s aim is to provide local artists with a free display facility for the enjoyment and interest of its members and Suburb residents. No charge is made for displaying artwork neither is commission taken on sales. Admission is free and all are welcome. Assistance can be given with hanging and with local publicity. Exhibitions usually last for at least a month. Insurance is the responsibility of exhibitors.

Guaranteed opening times are set for each exhibition. In addition the Art Gallery will be open whenever the building is open and the room is not being used for other purposes.

Next Exhibition


HGS Art will exhibit some of their work from 20th to 31st May following the HGS Art Fair at Fellowship House on 18th-19th May


Exhibition of Recent ‘Suburb News’ Pictures


In addition, there is a small exhibition of some of the more arresting images appearing in ‘Suburb News’. This runs in Reception until the end of June. Open whenever Fellowship House is open.