Music Appreciation

These once or twice monthly Friday afternoon sessions organised by Barry Millington have become seriously popular. They are at 2.30 and complimentary tea and biscuits follow. Admission is £2 for Fellowship Members and £4 for non Members. Programme details as follows:

Friday 17th May  2.30pm

Robert Schumann : A Composer in Decline?

Richard Wigmore

A writer, broadcaster, lecturer and former professional singer who writes for Gramophone, BBC Music Magazine and other journals. He specialises in the Viennese classics, lieder and opera but is also passionate about Schumann.

Robert Schumann’s final breakdown in early 1854 has long coloured perceptions of his later music. Until recently much of it was dismissed as the product of a tired, disturbed mind. Schumann’s style certainly changed over the years. But as Richard Wigmore suggests, later does not necessarily equal inferior. To illustrate his talk Richard draws on works from the darkly brooding Manfred Overture, via songs and chamber music, to the Violin Concerto which was suppressed by Schumann’s widow Clara and only ‘rediscovered’ in the 1930s.