Reopening !

At long last, a glimmer of good news on the reopening of Fellowship House . . . . . At its recent meeting, the Management Committee decided to go for a partial re-opening starting on 23rd September –  for Androulla Mantovani’s Chiropody service for Fellowship Members only and perhaps one or two other activities too.

It cannot be stressed enough that this is very much an experiment to see how things can be handled in a safe way. Often, trying to work out what the official Government advice is at any given moment is rather a nightmare. How and if  it can be followed in a way which makes sense to the management and is acceptable to  Members and users – is another challenge.

The activities which are candidates for reopening are the ‘quieter’, smaller ones. Sadly the Tuesday afternoon talks will be amongst those activities which will have to be left aside for the moment, probably until next year.

The kitchen will remain closed for the time being.

More news later about what will re-open and when. In the meantime, one hopes encouragement is taken from the fact that the Committee really is trying to do all in its power to start up the comeback process in a way which is safe, positive and confidence building.