Weekly Talks

Fellowship’s Weekly Talks have become a Suburb institution over the last decade. These are at 2.30pm every Tuesday except for the Fellowship House close down periods in August and at New Year. All Suburb residents are most welcome. Admission is £1 for members and £3 for non members and includes tea and biscuits after the talk, an opportunity for a chat with friends and fellow residents.

There have been literally hundreds of talks during the last 10 years on as many different subjects from a myriad of speakers from North London and beyond. A randomly selected list shown below under ‘Previous Talks’ gives some indication of the range of subjects.

October 3rd 2017
‘A Picture of Health – 3 : The history of surgery through the eyes of the artist from Ancient Egypt to the modern day’
Professor Michael Baum

October 10th 2017
‘Allenby’s Other Battle – Malaria’
Anton Alexander

October 17th 2017
A Performance by Francoise Geller’s Garden Choir

October 24th 2017
‘1967 : Sgt Pepper, The Hippie Trail and Other Events’
A talk by Michael Berg

October 31st 2017
‘A Description of Life in a Victorian Grammar School’
A talk by Michael Barcroft (former Headmaster)

November 7th 2017
‘Epic Engineering – Great canals and barrages of Victorian India’
Jeremy Berkoff

November 14th 2017
’69 years of the NHS – an old man remembers’
Professor Harold Ellis

November 21st 2017
‘A Suburb Childhood’. Memories of Hurst Close and surroundings in the 1950s and 1960’s’
Ed Zanders

November 28th 2017
‘Call The Midwife’
Dr Susan Cohen

December 5th 2017
‘She Loves – He Loves’
Francoise Geller & Gordon Griffin sing Gershwin

December 12th 2017
‘DVD of the John Freeman BBC interview with Evelyn Waugh’

December 19th 2017
‘Vaccines old and new’
Dr Barbara Bannister

Christmas/New Year Close Down

January 9th 2018
New Year’s Party for Members
(Reservations Only)

January 16th 2018
Chinese Painting, Poetry and Calligraphy
Christian Xingrean

January 23rd 2018
The Jewish Countess: Melitta von Stauffenberg, Luftwaffe Test Pilot
Angus Walker

January 30th 2018
An Introduction to Aboriginal Art
Justin Schlicht

The Great Fire of London – Lester Hillman

Orchids for Everyone – Professor Michael de Swiet

The Silk Road – Dr Frances Wood (former curator at the British Library)

Gender Indentity – Kirsten & Co from the Tavistock Centre

Hairdresser to the Stars – Barry Davis

A Blackbird Sang – David Matthews (Composer)

Viennese Operetten – Derek Scott

No School Tie – Peter Phillips (Poet)

Life in South Africa – Joy Barratt

Vegetarianism – Lisa Shend’ge

Elizabeth Louise Vigee le Brun – Lucrezia Walker (Art Historian)

Bridges – Klaus Falbe Hansen (Former Director Ove Arup)

An Orchestral Tour of India – Professor Rodney Slatford

A History of John Lewis – Amanda Timothy

Light in Medicine – Dr Peter Herbert

A Walk to Santiago de Compostela – Christine Battaye

Life as an Organist & Choirmaster – Jonathan Gregory (Free Church organist)

Medicine in Shakespeare – Professor Howard Jacobs

Russia: A Journey of Discovery – Helen Leiser

The Social Function of Humour – Martin Aaron

The Anne Frank Trust – Gillian Walmer (Co-founder)

Life on a Scottish Island – Richard Rowland

Royal Operations – Professor Harold Ellis

The Berlin Wall – Andrew Botterill

Blood – Phyllis Teasdale (formerly NHS Blood Service)

Musical Boxes – Dr John Reid

Wagner – Barry Millington (Wagner expert and music critic)

Britain in Bloom – Jim Buttress

The Soldier in Art – David Cohen

Autism – Lisa Dresner

Pilgrimage from Sienna to Rome – Ruth & Michael Jacobs

Field Marshall Montgomery – Angus Walker

Medecins Sans Frontieres – MSF staff

Chirality – Professor Laurence Barron

Birds, Music & Literature – Roger Rose

Octavia Hill – Pam Wright

Memories of Life under the Raj – Alison Newton

Life at Henrietta Barnett School – Oliver Blond (former Head Teacher)

Inflation in Tudor Times – Ken Carter

Evelyn Waugh & Basil Bouchier – The Rev Alan Walker

An Indian Portia – Kusoom Vadgama

Masorti Judaism – Rabbi J Wittenberg

A Week in North Korea – Tim Botterill and Elke Karskens

The Chinese Gooseberry Man – Geoff Hales & His Travelling Theatre